Richard started his working life at an early age and had a number of jobs ranging from boat building to sales but it was within events and exhibition management that he found his raison d’etre – a market well known for its crazy long hours, “being on the road” and a lot of pressure.

Richard thrived in the fast pace with the adrenalin kick he got from setting up huge tradeshows and exhibitions but it came at a cost – high stress levels, little and poor quality sleep and a 60 cigarettes per day habit.

In 2000 Richard decided to take a break and travel to Australia but his nicotine addiction was a cause for concern before the 24 hours flight to Sydney. Richard was recommended by a friend to seek help from a hypnotherapist to enable him to cope without cigarettes for the long trip.

This was a turning point in Richard’s life and where his passion for hypnotherapy started!

After a 90 minute hypnotherapy session Richard walked out and has not smoked since.
Richard was hooked by hypnotherapy – this simple, quick, yet effective treatment awakened his passion for helping others to be the best they can be. He re-trained as a hypnotherapist and has continued to deepen his knowledge and understanding of the therapy through many courses and a continual dedication to invest in ongoing professional development.

Over the years Richard has helped many people on their personal journey of positive health in many different areas from stress management, weight loss to anxiety and insomnia.

In recent years Richard has turned his attention to how hypnotherapy can help in corporate wellbeing and works with energy, enthusiasm and compassion empowering companies and their employees to be the best they can.

Richard lives in Weybridge with his partner Tracy and when he is not championing the many benefits of hypnotherapy he is an avid rugby supporter and enjoys playing golf.

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